Business Solution Methodologies

Personalized business solutions

Personalized business solutions

Our team develops solutions for various types of business segments within the framework of methodologies

For many years we have been working as enthusiasts and freelancers. This is due to the form of management in our decentralized team, the main composition of which is located in Ukraine. We solve various problems in many areas of business from consultation to implementation.

We cover segments in the following B2B and B2C areas: consulting, digital finance (storage and transactional transfer), technical support for high-load projects, software development, web solutions, print design development, UX / UI development, Search Engine Marketing (SEO and SEA), consumer goods manufacturing, architectural design, distribution of building and finishing materials, distribution of building brand manufacturers, repair, logistics transport and much more. At the same time, the implementation location includes such countries as the USA, Germany, Italy, France and Poland.

How to systematize such a wide range of areas? How to unite the whole team in a single environment? And what tools should be used to ensure the storage and publication of all business solutions for open access? Correctly! Transform the most reliable technical web product based on CMS. To do this, since May 2022, we have adopted the central project MASIEV and added the prefix Tec. As an index of manufacturability and innovation in those projects that have already been implemented or may be in the public domain on the basis of legal validity and the right to post on the Internet.

It was also decided to focus on four fundamental areas, which, in our opinion, reflect the second stage of development of our team as a company in the period from 2025 to 2030, in order to make the most of this narrow window of opportunity during the five-year formation and transformation process.

Fundamental Service Vectors

Fundamental Service Vectors

The fundamental four areas of the service vector that we are focusing on as we transform by 2030

Commercial consulting

Multi-level assessment of the business model, analysis of metrics, financial audit, recommendations for structural improvement according to the specified requirements of the beneficiary.

Web 3.0 & Web3 implementation

Implementation of system solutions: tokenization of resources and services, semantization of the physical value of business resources, decentralization of data and the introduction of blockchain technology.

Object and Raw production

Optimization of the production business model as a basis for a resource-based economy at the stage of implementation and development of a new form of management of the financial monetary system.

Interaction B2C through C2M/F2M

Modification of systems, forms and methods of –°ustomer-to-Manufacturer relationships for the working sector of the business model in order to optimize processes and provide added value to the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide answers to the most common questions according to the brief

  • On February 24, 2022, a began WAR in Ukraine, caused by military aggression from Russia. As of May, hostilities are underway in the country in the southeastern part of the country. Our entire team left Kharkiv and spread throughout Europe and the USA. Now all full-time and freelance employees dwell in various US states and cities in Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Poland and cities of Ukraine where there are no hostilities. The office in Kharkiv is closed and part of the equipment has been taken to Kyiv and Lviv. Up to 80% of the team left, while the rest decided to settle in more economically developed countries. It is strategically evident that Ukraine is actively carrying out cleansing of territories and cities along the entire front line. The country has received incredible financial, military and humanitarian support from around the world against the destructive actions of the Russian Federation. The result is obvious! Ukraine will win and be reborn!

  • All tactical processes are divided into tasks in two planes: 1. Support and provision of current projects that are under operational and technical maintenance, provided that the contract provided for force majeure, including the standard of martial law in the country. 2. The use of transitional time in conditions when all new financial flows and new projects are stopped this is the time when the company's management uses all free resources to eliminate illiquid processes within the company and transform tasks into a long-term perspective at the stage of ending the war in Ukraine.

  • At the moment we have the opportunity to consult for promising projects; there are opportunities to conduct a financial audit of digital assets and tokenized projects within the framework of ITO / IDO; we can undertake the assessment of methodologies in design solutions and be an independent company with a third opinion; develop design for corporate websites and online stores; write simple programs under Windows x86; there are technical capabilities to perform complex tasks within the information security of web solutions; to learn and learn again, because right now is the right time in the first global cycle of our development strategy. As for the possible escalation of the situation in the country, one can start from analytical data on the likelihood of this event, which indicates the minimum likelihood that hostilities could spread to the entire territory of Ukraine. Given all the open information about the state of the war, we can say that in the fall of 2022 the outcome will be predetermined in the positive direction of Ukraine. At the same time, even if the situation escalates and the entire eastern part is occupied by Russia, then a decision will be made to move first to the western part of the country to prepare for migration to Germany.

  • We do not disclose our partners in open sources, but we are ready to talk about this on paper in the contract and during initial negotiations. And what is very important, it depends on the form of collaboration and targets within the framework of cooperation. Practice shows that the inclusion of a third subject in contractual relations complicates the process of agreeing on a contact and in most cases can delay the process of implementing the tasks. The only segment of relationships where this practice is being introduced is the financial sector. In this matter, we will involve two entities: 1. The Ukrainian Blockchain Association (BAU) as an advisory link on international relations, whose task is to enter the supervisory board on integration issues. 2. A group of affiliates of two companies, such as Kuna Labs Business Inc (1995923) and Kuna Fintech Limited (11834168) to solve the problems of resolving financial mechanisms and legal support.

  • Risk management is carried out within the framework of personnel and project management methodologies, as well as within the framework of a contract between us and our client, which in turn is audited every calendar year. In addition, we also have an additional management factor through the collateral form of an asset of digital forms of funds storage. The personnel management methodology is carried out by HR management through the administrative, economic and socio-psychological system. Risk management in project management occurs according to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). The legal and legal form of management in our company provides for a unified taxation system for small businesses. Official details are published in the Public Offer Agreement.

  • We have a clear regulation on the process of communication with new clients. It is a set of consistent rules that is fundamental to any form of communication. This means that if a new client came to us on the recommendation, they called us or wrote to us, we always adhere to the algorithm. There are exceptions, and we will talk about this later, as we describe the sequence of acquaintance and cooperation with us. And so, the steps are definite and obligatory for application: 1. Filling out the questionnaire (brief) of a new client using the link. 2. Consideration of the brief by our experts. 3. Conducting a personal meeting or online conference. 4. Definition of goals and objectives. 5. Preliminary assessment of work at cost and time. 6. Negotiation and signing of the contract. 7. Implementation of the primary stages of the contract. 8. Implementation of the main stages of work on the goals and objectives. 9. Presentation of intermediate results. 10. Correction and editing. 11. Completion of subtotals. 12. Implementation of the terms of the contract for the final stages. 13. Carrying out the final work. 14. Presentation of design solutions. 15. Termination or extension of the contract. These are classic points on the stages of interaction with us. Of course, they can be adjusted depending on the complexity of the task. From practice, we can say that an exception is always a project that we publish in the public domain or an offer for investors. You can get more detailed information from our managers.