About Us

About Us

Our strategy is a game in a long timeframe

Our history dates back to 2007, when the mortgage crisis in the US became the main impetus for considering a new business model and project solutions. In 2008, the active phase of the financial crisis and the subsequent recession spread to all areas and directions, which caused a devaluation of the national currency in Ukraine by 60%. The war since 2014 has again made strong adjustments and the situation is coming more complicated and relatively predicted as of 02/24/2022. Our team goal is to manifest ourselves in the new economic and financial management system.

Welcome to our family

Welcome to our family

We are open to everyone and accept any form of rational and productive dialogue

  • Corporate acronym: MASIEV
  • Type of Ownership: Entrepreneur
  • Taxation form: Single rate & 10%
  • Tax number (UA): 3153718452
  • Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61045
  • Head Office: Otakara Yarosh str. 18
  • Contact phone: +38 063 213-32-33
  • –°ontact e-mail: office@masiev.com

Decentralized database nodes on which our and client infrastructure are built.


Commercial projects is in launch and modification mode as of December 2020.


Average annual uptime of web-servers (VPS) under our technical management.


Average cost fcost for the initial consultation on the study of the client's project.

Corporate provading 20%
Providing HR in narrow specializations 51%
Investments 9%
Qualifying Experience

Qualifying Experience

Our experience reveals the essence, and the strengths make it possible to go further

We devoted most of our time to the sphere of IT consulting, which allowed us to understand and gain experience in such areas as: 1. Project Management. 2. Implementation of web solutions in the working business cycle. 3. Team management. 4. Software Development. 5. Web Design. 6. Internet Marketing. 7. Technical Support. 8. Dedicated Servers (VDS / VPS). 9. Quality assurance. 10. Creation and analysis of advertising campaigns.

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Brand Acronym

Brand Acronym

Positioning of the MASIEV brand and brand philosophy

MASIEVThe name MASIEV originates in the 2000s, when two young enthusiasts began to dive into the world of IT together. So, in the period from 2003 to 2006, a programmer with the initials MAS and a manager IEV together assembled the first File Data Center in Kharkov on the basis of the technical capabilities of a commercial company for the sale of industrial thermal equipment. The technological base performed the functions of a file storage with transport to remote servers that served the OS databases and user account files. It was a start that since 2007 formed the consensus name MASIEV, which meant MAS+IEV=MASIEV. This is such a simple story. MAS to this day holds an honorary position in the team as an application programmer for x86 platforms, while his friend IEV is responsible for operations and management activities. Variants of new logos and mockups can be downloaded here.

Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision

Fundamental and long-term strategic cycles

The first stage a cycle for 7-10 years. The period is designed for components in the following areas: 1. Studying and training in promising market segments that go beyond the model of managing the social and production cycle of capitalism within the framework of the petrodollar system. 2. Development of related business models offline and online environment where all cycles from production to implementation should be. 3. Development of a legal model of validity and form of management for new investors through affiliate programs. 4. Practical application of new forms of digital assets in the consumer form of activity through trading and converting various types of currencies around the world into fiat money. 5. Providing a technical basis for the provision of ongoing digital projects, the creation of new technological solutions and the tokenization of physical assets. And all these five directions are not limited, but only show the vector of our formation.

The second stage is the longest cycle of 20 years or more. The main trigger, which should become an accelerator within the framework of the geopolitical transformational form of the country's development. This can be like a global crisis and a transition to a new form of government or a banal war. For Ukraine, the best thing is the financial crisis, which can be passed painlessly. But in the current realities, the situation unfolded in a harsh negative form of a tactical war with Russia. And when the war is over with negative global consequences for the Russian Federation, a new transformation of Ukraine into the European Union will take place. The future of Russia, as well as China, will take place in a new arena at the end of the 21st century. Based on the analytical reports of international companies in Europe and the USA, a long investment cycle may begin for Ukraine from 2025, which is an important stage in the implementation of project business solutions.

What now?

What now?

What is the situation today

Today we are in the transition from the first cycle to the second. We believe that already in the autumn of 2022 it will be possible to draw conclusions for the manifestation of the strategy for 2023-2024, so that from 2025 to reach the stage of implementation of all possible forms of transformation until 2030.