Our Service Capabilities

Our Service Capabilities

Description, features and segments of our current services

All our services are divided into sectors and segments according to requirements and areas of involvement. Requirements are formed from the project documentation on the basis of which methodological processes are implemented. The sectors of our services also have a participatory gradation in the direction of the business domain or the so-called business segment. That is, the service determines the strategy for fulfilling project requirements and forms the principle of our position on its implementation. In terms of ownership, this is extended description of the previously stated of the four regional service vectors that we will focus on as we transform by 2030.

At the current stage of our formation and development, we have identified six point services in which we have the greatest experience, practical skill and a wide range of related opportunities.

Our services and features

Our services and features

IT Consulting PM

Service of one-time or System Consultations in the field of Information Technology Solutions with Project Management.

Web Development

Development of Web Solutions and Applications using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SQL, Bootstrap, PHP and others Technologies.

UI and UX design

Usable Design for Web Solutions and Mobile Applications, which are created on the basis of a deep Analysis of the Audience.

Software DevOps

Development and Implementation of cross-platform Applications for AmigaOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

SEM & SEA in Web

Comprehensive Application of Search Marketing, Advertising and Technical Methods in attracting Google Search traffic.

Pentesting ITsec

Testing Applications, Systems and Websites for Hardware and Software Vulnerabilities from the external environment.

Project Management Services

Project Management Services

The Project Management Service is the foundation for research, study, development, implementation, control and modification of a project of any level of complexity and niche of involvement from the technology to the manufacturing sector. We did not come to this immediately, since the market in our country has a low density, years later and long-term projects outside of Ukraine showed how important a competent management approach is to any project, not only at the initial stage of development.

Planning, task setting, performance monitoring, collection of analytical metrics, data processing, documentation, reporting, risk management, decision implementation and many other processes are part of a large management and advisory foundation for any business. Especially in the field of Information Technology, where Project Management can be defined by team management methodology and task completion processes. Based on many situations, we came to the conclusion that the basis for making decisions on the implementation or adjustment of management processes in a project can have a flexible model based on internal and external events and factors.

We also understand that risk management is the second most important factor after completing the task in terms of time and money. And in this understanding, it was decided that the initial preparation for work is capable of providing an 80% probability of success. And then the question of pricing such a service immediately turns on. We believe and are already successfully applying it that it is necessary to include an individual evaluation process for each project for all scenarios, and as a rule these are three options at the first stage of development.

All options do not provide a basis for decision making because they are evaluation metrics. So, there are projects where we willingly take on development and evaluation without payment, while each of our clients receives a presentation and a document with primary evaluation findings, which can be considered as a third opinion. If the niche, segment and business process are familiar to us, we evaluate the primary documentation immediately and this is the first stage of the Project Management Service.

Implementation Project Solutions

Implementation Project Solutions

Documentation, Management and Project Expertise

1. System Documentation.
1.1. Product Requirement Documentation.
1.2. Design and Architecture.
1.3. Agile Product Roadmaps.
1.4. Source Code Document.
1.5. User Experience Design Documentation.
1.6. Testing Documents.
1.7. Help and Maintenance.
2. User Documentation.
2.1. End-Users Documentation.
2.2. System Admin Documentation.
3. Project Expertise and Audit.

Elaboration and Application of Methodologies

1. Process Documentation:
- High-level Requirements and Design Documents.
- Low-level Requirements and Design Documents.
- Test Plans and Standards.
- Test Documentation.
- System Documentation.
- End-User Guides.
- System Admin Guides.
- Final Reports.
2. Elaboration of Methodologies:
- Integration of Agile, Scrum, Kanban and other methods.

Software, Hardware and full Technological Support of Processes

Tokenization, Financial Support and Investment Protection

Value Shaping

Value Shaping